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Adoption of the Climate and Resilience bill by the deputies.

Vote on the Climate Bill. | Posted on 2021-05-05 16:37

As might be expected, the Climate and Resilience bill sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Pompili, Minister for Ecological Transition, was adopted at first reading in the Assembly by 332 deputies out of 577. Only 77 opposed the project. .

At the time of his electoral campaign, the candidate Emmanuel Macron had made it a battle horse. The idea was to create a Climate Convention made up of citizens from all walks of life and responsible for making proposals in all sectors of daily life in order to fight against the climate issues that threaten our societies.

The least we can say is that the bill is far from having achieved unanimity in civil society as well as within the political class. After three weeks of heated debates and 110 hours of discussions in the hemicycle, the government has drafted a text which further accentuates the divisions. There was, however, no dissent within the majority and it was even granted a great deal of satisfaction through multiple statements by deputies. When the majority speaks of the text as "a marker of the five-year term" , environmentalists denounce the reluctance of political leaders and criticize "the shortcomings in the face of the climate emergency". The Minister, for her part, congratulated herself on having drafted a text of "practical ecology" and "common sense" , "a real global cultural shift".

Among the most emblematic measures of the text adopted yesterday, we find the abolition of certain domestic overhead lines when they can be carried out in less than 2 hours 30 by train or the ban on the rental of thermal sieve housing in 2028. Let us remember We, too, of the anger aroused at the creation of an ecocide "offense" when the CCC had proposed the term: "crime".

A few weeks ago, members of the Citizen's Climate Convention were indignant that a large part of the copy they had returned to the government had been emptied of its substance and that in the end, we was far from the climatic ardor which had initiated the initial idea. Without rejecting the few measures that are going in the right direction, many NGOs such as Greenpeace and the Climate Action Network denounce a "formidable mess" and "climate cynicism" with a "bill to pretend to act".

Unsurprisingly, the French political class is firing red balls on the government. Matthieu Orphelin, ex-LREM close to Nicolas Hulot had declared that he would vote "against this law which is fifteen years late" . Former minister Delphine Batho spoke of a "shipwreck" . For its part, the right castigated a “punitive ecology” and “taxation” , promising the defense of a “positive ecology” during the presidential election. The LR deputies, moreover, took the opportunity to propose their “counter-project” yesterday morning. The Socialists have mostly rejected the text declaring: "We will not support a text that marks by its weakness", before adding through the elected (PS) Guillaume Garot: "Your constant self-satisfaction exasperates our fellow citizens, it even feeds mistrust in the territories. ” . Same story within the Insubordinate France party as well as the Communist Party deploring a "policy of small steps (which) does not keep pace with economic and social changes".

Note, incidents and clashes on the sidelines of the vote yesterday morning when the police intervened to dislodge a dozen Extinction Rebellion activists who had chained themselves with padlocks on their necks and smoke in their hands. grids of the National Assembly, to demonstrate their rejection of the climate bill that they consider well below the global climate emergency and totally ineffective in combating greenhouse gas emissions.

All are now impatiently awaiting the presentation of the bill before the Senate next June and hope that its examination in the Upper House will be an opportunity to restore its original ecological ambition.

Posted on 2021-05-05 16:37

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