Code of ethics

Code of ethics

DV8 World News is a free, vigilant and independent news headline.

DV8 World News is referenced at the National Library of France under the ISSN number: 2803 - 5429


The objective of DV8 World News is to provide as complete as possible and verified information in its field of activity. Without prejudice or complacency, its investigations, reports and analyzes strive to understand and describe current events, changes in societies and cultures. Any journalist and any employee of DV8 World News must respect the rules of ethics as they appear in this charter.

Freedom :

DV8 World News sets no limits to its freedom other than those it imposes on itself in accordance with democratic values. This freedom encourages him to all forms of journalistic creation and governs all of his choices and processing of information. On the other hand, it prohibits it from passively conveying any propaganda likely to compromise the principles on which this declaration is based.


DV8 World News takes the side of citizens and their rights every day against all forms of injustice and discrimination, individual or collective. DV8 World News opposes both official speeches and personal inclinations the skepticism essential to respect for the facts. It claims to have a critical eye on all the magisteries, requirements to which no constitution can, on its own, meet.


To inform in complete independence and guarantee its credibility, DV8 World News must seek its economic balance based on the sale of advertising space, donations, sales of goodies, commercial operations whatever without limit of format, support and actions.

The sustainability of these principles detailed in this charter is essential to guarantee editorial independence and the quality of credible and rigorous information which make the publications of DV8 World News so valuable. These principles and the provisions of the charter apply to all information media, printed, digital, audio and video, and to any activity (social network, subsidiaries, etc.) which uses the title or logo DV8 World News



  • The quality, the credibility of the newspaper and therefore the growth of its audience, are directly linked to our scrupulous respect for professional ethics in all areas. From verifying sources to the accuracy of quotes and explicitly mentioning the origins of our information.
  • This vigilance effort does not imply any "normalization" or standardization leading to the loss of our journalistic identity.
  • Professional ethics begin with respect for elementary rules, known to all and which we are content to summarize without claiming to be exhaustive:
  • All information is rigorously sourced. The use of anonymous sources is the exception and not the rule.
  • The legitimate protection of a source and the "professional secrecy" of each journalist cannot be applied within the editorial staff vis-à-vis those responsible for it and with strict reciprocal respect for each other's work, as soon as the information published is likely to engage the legal responsibility of the newspaper.
  • The use of information, in whole or in part, previously published by other newspapers, implies the clear mention of this publication, including that it concerns press agencies or websites, and this when 'it is not official information considered to be in the "public domain". Likewise, the summaries drawn up from agency dispatches must be signed as such, associated where appropriate with the signature of an editor, if he adds original information.
  • A direct quotation, in quotation marks, as long as it is not a question of public texts or speeches, implies that the journalist has personally collected the words quoted in the form. The borrowing of quotes from other media (newspapers, agencies, sites, etc.) must be explicitly mentioned. In all other cases, the use of quotes collected second hand should be banned.
  • “Good” information is necessarily contradictory. The questioning of a person, a community, an institution - French or foreign - entails, according to the law, the opening of a right of reply. But below this consideration, the very exercise of our freedom to write and to inform implies in all cases to solicit the reaction of the people or institutions implicated in the newspaper or other media of DV8 World News. . The explanations convincing or not, the justifications or even the outright denial of our interlocutors do not necessarily oblige to modify the information that we publish. We must not make it any less clear.

External collaborations and income
A journalist cannot accept for the drafting of his articles other salaries and advantages than those guaranteed to him by Liberation. The journalist refrains from presenting in editorial form the praise of a product, a company, the sale or the success of which he is materially interested.

External collaborations can provide additional individual training or professional practice and help promote the image of DV8 World News. But they must not compromise the interests of the newspaper or the image of the company.

The journalists of DV8 World News do not exercise any function of responsibility in any other newspaper company (except authorization of the management of the editorial staff). This is why regular external collaborations, in their own name or under pseudonym, are subject to the authorization of the editor-in-chief who assesses their compatibility with the image of DV8 World News and, after consultation with the head of the department concerned, with the good organization of work in the service. Likewise, in the case of occasional external collaborations, in their own name or under a pseudonym, the editor-in-chief is notified in advance. It checks that they do not present any risk of direct competition with DV8 World News and that they do not infringe the principles.

The DV8 World News journalist does not work for a public service or a private company where his quality as a journalist, his influences, his connections could be exploited. He does not sign with his name or under a pseudonym any commercial or financial advertising articles.

The journalist called upon, as a member of the DV8 World News team, to participate in broadcasts, debates and forums, informs the editorial management of this participation.

Exterior works
Any text presenting the work of a journalist will be published in a formalized editorial space. The corresponding articles will be expressly indicated before publication in the editorial committee. The quality of contributor to the journal of the author in question will be clearly mentioned therein. The work will be presented for information purposes, without value judgment.

Exceptionally, when the work of an employee constitutes an extension of his journalistic activity at DV8 World News, the information it contains may be the subject of an article by the author in the newspaper, if it is of interest. editorial, and this to the exclusion of any promotional treatment, any criticism of the work and any mention of it in the title. Information about the work will be presented in a dedicated, short and informative standardized editorial space, which may include a visual.

Business trips
Any professional travel by a Liberation journalist, employee or freelance writer, within the framework of his professional activity, must be the subject of a mission order signed by the head of his department and by the editorial staff. In the event of a hasty departure due to an obvious emergency, the mission order will be presented retrospectively. All costs are covered by the newspaper.

A journalist from the DV8 World News media outlet must not accept, on behalf of DV8 World News, or on his own behalf, any invitation involving the total or partial payment of his travel or subsistence costs. In practice, given the cases where press travel constitutes an obvious mode of access to information, exceptions to this rule may be authorized by the editorial management. Press trips must be the subject of a written request and response to the editorial management and must remain the exception and not the rule. It is indicated in the body of the paper whether it is an individual or collective invitation. In its annual report, DV8 World News will report on the number of “press trips” accepted by the editorial management in the past year, the latter being the exception.

The rule applies to occasional collaborators who offer articles following trips they have made by invitation. It is up to the heads of service or the editorial staff to examine the conditions under which these trips were organized.

DV8 World News accepts proofreading of the interviews, to avoid any misinterpretation. But this rereading cannot lead to a substantial modification of the words collected and the questions cannot be modified. If the requested changes distort the interview conducted, journalists and editorial management may refuse to publish the interview.

Insertion of response rights
The rights of reply must respect the legislation in force. Any journalist concerned by a right of reply must be informed before its publication. And must be able to react by providing the necessary additions and clarifications.

The decision to publish or refuse the insertion of a right of reply is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief. Any request for the right of reply must be immediately communicated to the editorial management.

Any journalist can refuse to sign his article if he considers that the modifications made by the editor-in-chief or the edition distort its meaning. Any specific case is submitted to the Management.

DV8 World News protects journalists and their sources of information. But to effectively exercise this protection in the event of a lawsuit, any journalist must be able to provide his sources to the editorial board. Legal costs are borne by the newspaper.

Journalists undertake to refuse any gift, of a value other than symbolic, which would be likely to call into question their independence.

Various activities and development
DV8 World News implements a policy of development and diversification of its activities. They can take the form of forums, master classes, various partnerships with public and private actors. These activities must not lead to questioning the independence of the editorial staff or use the image, reputation and notoriety of the newspaper in the service of exclusively commercial or political interests. The content of these activities, the people invited, the private and public actors who take part in them must be compatible with this charter and the values of DV8 World News. These projects will be subject to the authorization of the editorial management. Referral to a media ethics committee is required when there is any doubt or risk of contravening it, in particular at the request of a journalist concerned by these activities. Journalists, editorial management and shareholders agree that the diversification necessary for the economic balance of the company must be done without degrading the name, brand and values of DV8 World News.
As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), DV8 World News may be led to enter into partnerships linked to the initial and continuing training of journalists with public or private structures. These partnerships cannot be exclusive, they cannot be done to the detriment of the values and notoriety of DV8 World News.

Reserve duty
The employees of DV8 World News maintain the utmost discretion in matters relating to the company's work and projects.

Use of social networks
DV8 World News employees are free to express themselves on social networks, in compliance with the laws governing freedom of expression. They also keep in mind that they exercise their activity within a collective, and that their public expression can have consequences both on the image of the newspaper and on the work of their colleagues.
They are invited to respect in their use of social networks the spirit of this charter, and may usefully refer to the recommendations for use made available to them.