Originally a model, Nathalie is a woman passionate about nature and the discovery of terrestrial and marine biodiversity. She decides to become a ship captain and in 2011 founde...

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Ecology: Are you in fashion? No longer a company without its environmental charter, no more a product without its eco-responsible promises, no more a speech coated with ecolo...

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Food waste: whose fault is it? At a time when everyone has an opinion on the responsibilities in food waste, I just want to talk about education. Do you know the can of pe...

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$ 1.5 billion for the Congo Basin.

On Monday, November 1, several countries announced, during COP 26, the establishment of a $ 1.5 billion Fund intended to protect the Congo River basin.

COP 26: a $ 1.5 billion fund to protect the Congo Basin.

Spanning six countries, the Congo Basin is considered the second lung of the planet after the Amazon. While global warming is hitting African countries hard, its protection is at the heart of scientific debates.

1,5 milliard $ pour le bassin du Congo. | Posted on 2021-11-03 17:16

We find Madame Brigitte Gothière for the 2nd part of our interview.           I'm going to play devil's advocate for...

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Live debate

Will COP 26 save the Paris Agreement?


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