Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Article 1 - Definition

1 - "T & Cs": refers to these general conditions of use.

2 - "Account" means the space made available to the User registered on the Site, allowing him to access, after being identified by his Access Codes, the Services subscribed, as well as his contract. and any invoices.

3 - "Identifier": covers the information necessary to identify a User on the Site to access areas reserved for Members.

4 - “User Content”: refers to the data transmitted by the User within the framework of the use of the various Services of the Site.

5 - "Member": means a User identified on the Site.

6 - "content" means all the information and publications accessible on the Site and in particular its general structure, texts, figures, graphics and tables, images, animated or not, videos, sounds, hypertext links of which the Site is composed, the distinctive signs, brands and logos constituting its graphic charter and the associated databases.

7 - "form" means the registration form allowing the User to register to benefit from all or part of the free Services of dv8 World News and, if applicable, to subscribe to one or more Paid Service (s) (s).

8 - “Services”: refers to all the services accessible on the dv8worldnews.com Internet Site.

9 - "Site": refers to the Internet site with the url www.dv8woldnews.com, the infrastructure of which has been developed by the Company according to the computer formats that can be used on the Internet, comprising data of different kinds, and in particular texts, sounds and still or moving images, videos, databases, intended to be consulted by the User to find out about his products and services.

10 - “Company”: refers to the MERCURY Simplified Joint Stock Company with a share capital of 35,000 euros, registered with RCS TOULOUSE 403 463 516 and whose head office is located at 73 route de Montastruc - 31 380 PAULHAC.

DV8 WORLD NEWS is the name of a brand owned 100% by SAS MERCURY.

The Site www.dv8worldnews.com is 100% owned by SAS MERCURY.

11 - “User”: refers to any person who uses the Site or one of the Services offered on the Site.


Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of these T & Cs is to define the terms of provision of the Site Services and the terms of use of the Site by the User.

Any access and / or use of the Site assumes the respect and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of these T & Cs. They therefore constitute a contract between the Company and the User.

In the event that the User does not wish to accept all or part of these T & Cs, he is asked to renounce all use of the Site.


Article 3 - Legal Notice

The dv8worldnews.com Site is published by:

SAS With a share capital of 35,000 euros
Registered with RCS TOULOUSE 403 463 516
Headquartered at 73 route de Montastruc - 31 380 PAULHAC

The dv8worldnews.com Site is hosted by:

2 Rue Kellermann - 59 100 - ROUBAIX - France

DV8 World News is referenced at the National Library of France under the ISSN number: 2803 - 5429


Article 4 - Terms of access and use of the service

The Site is accessible free of charge to any User with Internet access. All costs relating to access to the Site, whether hardware, software or Internet access costs, are the sole responsibility of the User.

He is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment as well as his Internet access.

Certain sections of the Site are reserved for Members after identification using their Username and password.

The Company reserves the right to refuse access to the Site, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any User who does not comply with these T & Cs.

The Company cannot, moreover, be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or servers or any other event beyond its reasonable control, which would prevent or degrade access to the Site.

The Company reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without notice access to all or part of the Site, in order to ensure its maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption opening right to any obligation or compensation for the benefit of the User.


Article 5 - Presentation of the site

The Site offers the User in particular:

  • consultation of content and information on global ecology present on the Site
  • various Services, subject to prior registration, allowing them to have access to specific and particular content and / or condensed current news, to upload, store, share and comment on personal and collective content and / or to benefit from specific promotional services and offers.

The Services include the following services in particular:

  • Free Services allowing its members to participate in an online debate and offering in particular a community space, to have a personal space, and to interact with other members, or to access specific and particular content and / or comment on news articles;
  • Free Services, upon registration itself free, detailed in the relevant sections of the Site;
  • Purchases of items produced and / or marketed on the Site.

As a User registered for one or more services, he may have a personal space.

The User is informed that free and open access to the Contents and Services of the Site is financed by the income related to the advertising disseminated on these spaces.

It therefore accepts the display of advertising on the Site and the Applications.

In its capacity as publisher of the Site, DV8 World News is free to market the advertising spaces of the Site to advertisers of its choice. The User acknowledges that he does not have any rights over these advertising spaces and refrains from any request or action in this regard.


Article 6 - Intellectual property

The Site, in particular its content, is protected by the law in force in France. The Company and the DV8 World News site and / or its partners are the exclusive owners of all intellectual property rights attached to the texts, photographs, illustrations, images, name, logo and brands of the Site, to its structure and dressing, to databases and Content worldwide.

The content reproduced on the Site is subject to copyright and its reproduction or distribution, without the express written authorization of the Company, constitutes an infringement liable to criminal penalties.

“DV8 WORLD NEWS” is a registered trademark of the Company. Any unauthorized reproduction of this brand, logo and distinctive signs constitutes an infringement liable to criminal penalties. The offender is exposed to civil and criminal sanctions and in particular to the penalties provided for in Articles L. 335.2 and L. 343.1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

In addition, the User expressly and graciously cedes to the Company all intellectual property rights relating to User Content and in particular the right of reproduction, representation and adaptation, for the legal term of copyright protection.


Article 7 - Participation charter

In accordance with the regulations in force, the User is solely responsible for the User Content that he puts online on the Site, as well as the texts and / or opinions that he expresses. In particular, he undertakes to ensure that this data is not likely to infringe the legitimate interests of third parties whatever they may be.

As such, it undertakes to:

• not to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, abuse or threaten anyone, nor violate the rights of others,

• do not abuse language (insult type),

• not to justify crimes against humanity, not to incite racial hatred or pedophilia,

• not to create a false identity or usurp the identity of a third party,

• not to transmit viruses, a Trojan horse, logic bombs or any other harmful or destructive program,

• not to disrupt the functioning of the Site,

• not to infringe the privacy and image rights of persons likely to be identified within User Content,

• in general, not to transmit elements which infringe intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties and in particular trademark law, the right to respect for private life or even copyright.

In addition, the User guarantees the Company against all claims, based directly or indirectly on these comments and / or data, likely to be brought by anyone against the Company. In particular, he undertakes to take charge of the payment of sums, whatever they may be, resulting from the recourse of a third party against the Company, including legal fees and court costs.

In addition, the User who has a website in a personal capacity and who wishes to place, for personal use, on his site a simple link referring directly to the Company's Site, must obtain the prior written authorization to the society.

Any unauthorized link must be removed at the Company's request.


Article 8 - Principle of moderation

In accordance with the regulations in force, the Company is not responsible for User Content posted by Users on the Site. However, it has established moderators whose function is to moderate the contributions of Users. Moderation is carried out a posteriori. The choice of a posteriori moderation results from the practical impossibility, due to the immediacy and the importance of the number of User Content, to exercise general a priori control over all User Content. If the principle of a posteriori moderation promotes the freedom of expression of Users, each User must take responsibility and ensure compliance with basic legal and regulatory provisions, such as in particular those referred to in article 9 of these T & Cs " Specific obligations of the User ”. Consequently, the User is informed that the Company reserves the right to delete all or part of the User Content, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without warning or prior justification. The User will not be able to assert any claim in this regard. Users who might be surprised or shocked by User Content from another User can directly contact the moderator.


Article 9 - Responsibility of the User

General responsibility for the use of the Site and the information available on the Site

The User uses the Site and its Services at their own risk and under their full responsibility. DV8 World News cannot guarantee in any case that the Site and its Services will not be interrupted. The obligation to provide the Site and its Services is limited to an obligation of means.

The Content, comments and any other data displayed on the Site are not intended to constitute advice on the basis of which a purchase decision could be made by the User. DV8 World News declines any responsibility as to the faith placed by any User of the Site in this data and information, or by any person who may be informed of this Content. The User must in no case take for granted that the Content or other information presented on the Site is accurate or up to date, but must independently verify all this information for himself.

DV8 World News or any of its partners can not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, consecutive, special, incidental, dissuasive that may result from errors, omissions or delays in the transmission of information on the Site, loss of information or problems occurring during electronic payments for the Services.

Likewise, the information that the User obtains on the Site or as part of the Services offered by DV8 World News, whether on the Site, by e-mail or in the form of a text message, does not give any right to any warranty from DV8. World News. All information and data disseminated on the Site are drawn from the best sources and are provided for information purposes. The provision of this data cannot be assimilated, in any way whatsoever, to specific advice or decision support.

The photographs and texts reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, the Site cannot be held liable in the event of an error in one of these photographs or one of these texts.

The Content offered complies with current French legislation. The responsibility of DV8 World News could not be engaged in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of the country of connection.

DV8 World News warns persons with parental authority on the diversity of content available on the Internet, which may be likely to offend the sensitivity of minors or be prejudicial to them. Parents are therefore encouraged to monitor their children when they go online.


Article 10 - Availability of the Site

The Site is in principle accessible 24 / 24h, 7 / 7d, except interruption, scheduled or not, for the needs of its maintenance or in case of force majeure. Being in fact subject to an obligation of means, DV8 World News cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from the unavailability of the Site or one or more Services, or resulting from the presence of viruses on the Site.


Article 11 - Links

The Site contains information made available by external companies or hypertext links to other websites published or managed by third parties which have not been developed by DV8 World News. The existence of links from the Site to other sites in no way constitutes validation of these sites or their content by DV8 World News. It is up to the User to use this information with discernment and a critical mind. The responsibility of DV8 World News could not be engaged because of information, opinions and recommendations formulated by thirds.

DV8 World News has no means of controlling these sites (and / or the products and services they offer) and these sources, and does not answer for or guarantee the availability of such external sites and sources.

DV8 World News does not appropriate the content to which these sites or sources give access, and excludes all liability and guarantees with regard to their content.

The links are partly made automatically, and cannot all be verified by DV8 World News staff. If, however, in the pages of the Site, there is a link with an external page in which illegal content were to be distributed by a third party, DV8 World News will delete, after having been duly informed of said content, the link with this page.

Insofar as no control is exercised over these external resources, the User acknowledges that the Company assumes no responsibility for the provision of these resources and cannot be held responsible for their content.


Article 12 - Registration and access

In order to benefit from the Services of the Site, the duly registered User must create an account using the online registration form provided for this purpose. The creation of an Account on DV8 World News is intended for the use of adults. It is open to minors but under the supervision of an adult. Notwithstanding the above, it is recalled that under article 1124 of the Civil Code, non-emancipated minors are unable to make purchases on DV8 World News. Consequently, DV8 World News can not be held responsible in the event of collection without its knowledge of personal data relating to a minor.

By registering, the user guarantees to provide accurate and up-to-date information concerning his identity and contact details. In particular, he undertakes to provide an e-mail address which he owns. DV8 World News reserves the right to refuse a registration or to suspend or close an account if it has doubts about this information. The Internet user undertakes to immediately inform DV8 World News of any unauthorized use of his account and of any breach of the confidentiality and security of his means of identification by contacting: contact@dv8worldnews.com .

All Internet users can read and comment on articles and comments. He remains free at any time to modify the content of the personal data communicated on this occasion. Upon validation of the form, the User receives an email inviting him to click on a link in order to confirm his registration. Access to his Account can be made by entering his nickname or e-mail address and associated Access Code, which he alone ensures confidentiality. Use of the Site following registration is valid for an indefinite period. DV8 World News reserves the right to terminate it at any time, by email, with reasonable notice. In the event of non-compliance with the T & Cs by a registered User, his Personal Account may be, immediately and without notice, temporarily or permanently deactivated, without prejudice to the other rights of DV8 World News. DV8 World News also reserves the right to delete any article or comment brought to its attention which would clearly contravene the aforementioned rules in the T & Cs and in the Participation Charter or which would be the subject of a report by third parties.


Article 13 - User contribution

The User, by submitting his contribution (which may take the form of a classified ad), accepts without consideration that it be reproduced in whole or in part, according to indexing and formatting rules which are the sole responsibility of DV8 World News. However, DV8 World News is not responsible for the content of contributions in general, including User contributions.

Indexing, formatting and value tools are only indicative. These are intended to highlight certain messages, but in no way constitute an endorsement of their content, an endorsement, or a deferral of responsibilities. The messages left on the Site by the User express his thoughts and not that of DV8 World News. Articles and comments are published under the full and entire responsibility of the User concerned.

As part of his contribution to the content of the Site, by means of texts, images, sounds, videos or comments, the User is required to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

In particular, it guarantees that the storage and distribution of this content via the Site does not constitute (i) a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular, articles, works, photos, creations, clips, television broadcasts, short , means and / or feature films, animated or not, advertisements, that the Internet user has not personally produced or for which he does not have the necessary authorizations from third party holders of rights therein), (ii) an infringement to persons (in particular defamation, insults, insults, etc.) and respect for the right to image and privacy, (iii) an attack on public order and good morals (in particular, apologia for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, violent content, pornography, etc.).

More generally, the User undertakes to comply with the DV8 World News Participation Charter, it being specified that the comments are likely to be moderated. In the absence of compliance with the Participation Charter, the content will be refused or withdrawn and / or the User's account will be deactivated without prior formality and / or civil and criminal actions will be initiated against the User.

Given the community nature of the Site and out of respect for the sensitivities of each, it is up to the User to exercise discernment and caution with regard to the information he puts online.

It is up to the User to monitor the comments posted on his articles and to report comments that would be contrary to the above provisions. In accordance with article 6 paragraph 7 of Law n ° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, DV8 World News sets up a system that is easily visible and accessible to users of the Site, associating each content with present on the Site, an Alert link allowing you to report any abuse. Following receipt by DV8 World News of a report addressing the offenses referred to above, the content concerned will immediately be deleted from the Site, if necessary by information to the competent public authorities.

The Site may only be used by the User for personal and private purposes to the exclusion of any commercial use in particular. The User refrains from incorporating in his contributions to the content of the Site documents, software or any other data that could interrupt or damage the operation of the IT and / or telecommunications equipment of DV8 World News or of other users of the Site, or allowing unjustified access to other websites. He also refrains from incorporating in his contributions hypertext links or comments which refer or which refer to external sites which infringe the provisions of this article.


Article 14 - Proof, conservation and archiving

The computerized registers kept in the systems in accordance with the rules of the art in terms of security, will be considered as proof of electronic mail communications, sending of registration forms, downloads of content, publications of content and posting of comments. Registration forms are archived on a medium likely to ensure their faithfulness and durability and for the period required by the legal provisions in force, in particular Decree No. 2011-219 of February 25, 2011 relating to storage and the communication of data making it possible to identify any person who has contributed to the creation of online content '. It is agreed that in the event of a discrepancy between the computerized registers of DV8 World News and the documents in paper or electronic format available to the user, the computerized registers of DV8 World News shall prevail.


Article 15 - Protection of personal data

The Company undertakes to protect the personal information left by the Users of the Site. Anxious to guarantee respect for the privacy of its Users, the Site undertakes that the collection and processing of personal information, carried out within this Site, be carried out in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, known as the “Data Protection Act”.

In accordance with the provisions of law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the User has the right to access, modify or rectify and delete data which he concerning. The User has the possibility to exercise this right by contacting the dv8worldnews.com Site.

DV8 WORLD NEWS guarantees that: the personal data of Site Users (such as email address and name, address and domicile) will never be sold or exchanged to any third party; the Email address will only be used by DV8 WORLD NEWS to offer Site Users promotions and the most adequate information possible (including by Email and the DV8 WORLD NEWS website). The personal data of Site Users will never be disclosed to other parties; The infrastructure of DV8 WORLD NEWS has been designed so that neither advertisers nor other unqualified persons can see the personal information of DV8 WORLD NEWS subscribers; This site has been declared to the CNIL N ° "

Article 16 - Use of personal information

The nominative information communicated by Users on the Site in the context of the use of the Services is intended for the Company, or its subcontractors and / or its service providers. Unless the User objects, the Company may be required to process this information for its exclusive benefit and that of the other brands of the said Company as well as on behalf of its commercial partners within the framework of Co-branded commercial operations. If the User does not wish his contact details to be sent to the Company's business partners, he must not tick the “partner” box when registering for the site as a Member or for the site's newsletter.

Article 17 - Cookies and connection witnesses

Users are informed that, when consulting our site, cookies are placed on their computer so that information can be temporarily stored in memory or on their hard drive in order to optimize their browsing experience on the Site. Site Users acknowledge having been informed of this practice and authorize the Company to use it.
This page allows you to better understand how cookies work and how to configure them.

Definition of a cookie:

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your browsing and to send you services adapted to your terminal (computer, mobile or tablet).
Cookies are managed by your internet browser.

The different issuers:

Cookies dv8worldnews.com
These are cookies placed by dv8worldnews.com on your terminal to meet the needs of navigation, optimization and personalization of the services on our site.

Third party cookies:
These are cookies placed by third-party companies (for example partners) to identify your areas of interest and possibly personalize the advertising offer sent to you on and outside our site.
They can be placed when you browse our site or when you click in the advertising spaces of our site.
Within the framework of partnership, we ensure that the partner companies strictly respect the data-processing law and freedoms of January 6, 1978 modified and undertake to implement appropriate measures of security and protection of the confidentiality of the data.

Configure your internet browser
You can choose to deactivate these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be configured to notify you of the cookies that are placed on your computer and ask you to accept them or not.

You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically.
We remind you that the settings are likely to modify your conditions of access to our content and services requiring the use of cookies.
If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of some of our services. In order to manage cookies as closely as possible to your expectations, we invite you to configure your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies.

- Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" button, then on "Internet Options".
On the "General" tab, under "Browsing history", click "Settings".
Click the "View Files" button.

- Firefox

Go to the "Tools" tab of the browser then select the "Options" menu
In the window that appears, choose "Privacy" and click "Show cookies".

- Safari

In your browser, choose the menu "Edit"> "Preferences".
Click on "Security".

Click on "Show cookies".

- Google Chrome

Click on the "Tools" menu icon.

Select "Options".

Click on the "Advanced options" tab and go to the "Confidentiality" section.
Click on the "Show cookies" button.


Article 18 - Modification / evolution and autonomy of the clauses of the T & Cs

The Company reserves the right to modify or adapt the terms, conditions and notices of these T & Cs at any time. Users are therefore advised to regularly check for updates.

In the event that any of the provisions of these T & Cs would be deemed inapplicable under the law in force, the User and DV8 WORLD NEWS agree to renegotiate it in good faith in order to preserve the economic position from which they benefit most. close to that mentioned under the provision made inapplicable.

If they fail to replace this provision in a mutually acceptable and applicable manner, this provision will be excluded hereby and the rest of the T & Cs will be interpreted as if said provision were excluded and will remain applicable.


Article 19 - Applicable law / jurisdiction

These T & Cs are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, which could not be the subject of an amicable settlement, only the French courts within the jurisdiction of the Toulouse Court of Appeal are competent.