Moderation Charter

Moderation Charter

Rules to be observed in the context of contributions, comments on articles and participation in the chat.
The Internet user who reacts by posting a contribution or a comment undertakes to accept the following rules:

Respect for others is essential throughout the DV8 site.
Aggressive messages, free mockery, vulgarity, will therefore be deleted.

Any sexist, homophobic or racist allusion will be erased.
Are considered illegal (non-exhaustive list):

  • pedophilia,
  • incitement to racial hatred and discrimination,
  • denial of crimes against humanity,
  • the call for murder,
  • pimping,
  • insult (insults, rude, aggressive, irreverent remarks ...),
  • defamation (attribution of an act affecting the honor or the consideration of the natural or legal person, or of the body to which the act is attributed),
  • incitement to the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco.

Messages containing the following will also be deleted:

  • Advertising messages,
  • Classifieds,
  • Messages containing telephone numbers, an e-mail address or a postal address,

Internet users are responsible for the content of their messages.
Internet users can report messages that they consider to be non-compliant with this Moderation Charter.

In the event of non-compliance with this Charter, the posted content will be deleted.
DV8 World News does not have the obligation to warn the author of the message, nor the obligation to justify his decision of deletion.

Messages left by Internet users and responding to this charter will be published on the site and cannot be deleted.
They cannot be considered as a work and will therefore not be subject to copyright.