Estelle Mollaret has a career around animal welfare. Resident in animal welfare, ethics and regulations (ECAWBM) at VetAgro Sup for more than 2 years, she was, before that, in c...

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Ecology: Are you in fashion? No longer a company without its environmental charter, no more a product without its eco-responsible promises, no more a speech coated with ecolo...

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Don't we need another hero? What if ecological speaking suffered from a lack, detrimental to the cause, of a minimum charismatic speaker? No need to be out of Harvard or...

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Methane, a very polluting gas.

The United States and the European Union should announce a goal of reducing emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas much more powerful than carbon dioxide, by one-third by 2030 and push other countries to join them.

CO2 and methane: the guilty duo.

As the UN worries about low targets for 2030, the pressure is now on to reduce methane emissions; another extremely polluting gas.

Le méthane, un gaz très polluant. | Posted on 2021-09-19 11:50

We find Madame Brigitte Gothière for the 2nd part of our interview.           I'm going to play devil's advocate for...

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Live debate

Presidential elections: is the issue of animal welfare in the program important?


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