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For Nicolas Hulot, it's now or never.

Nicolas Hulot in 2022 | Posted on 2021-07-19 07:00

A few weeks ago, Nicolas Hulot was annoyed by the lack of reaction from governments to the conclusions of an alarmist report by the IPCC which had leaked into the press.

He launched the same message during an interview published in Dimanche Ouest-France on Saturday July 17, 2021.

His conviction remains the same and he repeats it forcefully: “if humanity wants to keep its chances, it is now or never that we must change our model. The scientific community has been alerting us for decades and its predictions are being made today with even more amplitude than what had been expected. "

For Nicolas Hulot, "the chronology of the last few weeks is frightening". He recalls all the extreme climatic phenomena which are not lacking: "a melting of the Antarctic sea ice as we have never seen it, unprecedented heat in Siberia, an unbearable temperature in Western Canada, dramatic fires in the West. American, the deadly floods in Belgium and Germany ... ”. "Every morning, history proves ecology right" and "the children who are born now will be confronted, in thirty years, with a monstrous chaos" , he says.

The former minister calls for a "war effort" and to use "all the economic and scientific means at our disposal, not to go back because the blow is gone and it is already too late, but to try to stop it. limit the effects and prepare to adapt to the consequences of global warming ” .

Determined to take an active part during the next presidential elections of 2022, Nicolas Hulot indicates that this will be done “in a collective way, notably with the Pact of the power to live (a coalition of unions, humanitarian and environmental NGOs) " .

He made a commitment by declaring: "We will make very concrete proposals to move things forward, far from postures".

Posted on 2021-07-19 07:00

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