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Nuclear in France: 6 new EPR reactors under study.

EDF EPR2 file. | Posted on 2021-05-07 11:00

The candidate Emmanuel Macron has always declared himself in favor of a strong nuclear policy for France. As President of the Republic, he assumes this choice and intends to allocate, in the years to come, a significant part of the French energy mix to nuclear power. In 2020, he declared that the French future "depends on a carbon-free industrial ambition" and that therefore "the nuclear industry plays an essential role" . For the Head of State: “Nuclear energy is carbon-free energy, safe energy”.

Faced with criticism from many elected politicians and concerns from ecological organizations, Emmanuel Macron wanted to be reassuring by insisting on the fact that he remains extremely vigilant to questions of safety and waste management. Nevertheless, nuclear energy remains for him a “relevant” and unavoidable energy. "Our energy and ecological future depends on nuclear power" , he insisted. And to add: "I have never been a proponent at all nuclear, but if we are to rebalance our energy mix, the atom must continue to be a pillar ." The Head of State considered that, in a process of developing renewable energies, it was impossible, and even counterproductive, to give up nuclear too early on pain of having to "open coal or gas power plants, or import carbon energy from abroad ” . Without forgetting, of course, the strategic dimension of nuclear power which allows the country to maintain its autonomy and independence.

It is in this context that the Head of State asked EDF to compile a file presenting the arguments in favor of the construction of six new generation EPR nuclear reactors with a view to replacing an aging fleet. It's done. Mr Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO of EDF said yesterday: “We would like a decision to be taken on the construction of new EPRs in France. As such, the file that the government has requested on the feasibility and the conditions of such a program has just been sent to it ”.

For her part, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili made it clear that the dossier is, above all, “a working document which corresponds to EDF's vision. He does not commit the government ” .

The government will therefore now consider “all options without any taboos” . The objective is to achieve, by 2035, an energy mix composed of 50% nuclear and 50% renewable "very high levels". The decision will not be rendered before the next five-year term.

Posted on 2021-05-07 11:00

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