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Their names are Monga, Hussein and César.

Trafficking of wild animals. | Posted on 2023-06-03 14:11

Kidnapping, ransom demand… wildlife trafficking continues to grow and hit the JACK sanctuary more than 6 months ago

They are three. Their names are Monga, Hussein and César, and they are six years old, three years old and two and a half years old respectively. They are still babies.

They were saved from a terrible criminal activity that rages every day all over the world: wildlife trafficking, the 4th most lucrative transnational trafficking in the world.

Used to entertain tourists on vacation, doing acrobatics or selfies, or even sold in markets as exotic pets, these three chimpanzees lived through the worst before being confiscated. A new life was offered to them. They traveled many kilometres, took several means of transport, before finally reaching the animal shelter of Lubumbashi, in the south-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and being entrusted to the association JACK (Jeunes Animaux Confisqués de Katanga) to take care of them. Arrived in their sanctuary, they were able to gradually take their marks, and begin a long work of rehabilitation. At this age, chimpanzees need attention and affection, specific and adapted care, as they are no longer in contact with their mother to help them grow and prepare them for their adult life.

It's a beautiful story that could have ended there. But that was without counting on the power of this criminal and lucrative activity that is trafficking, and which prompted criminals to enter JACK's refuge on September 9, 2022 to steal these three chimpanzees.

It is because the demand is so strong today around the world that these animals have been torn from their refuge, and their captors have demanded a colossal ransom to free them.

It is because this illegal and despicable trade is so lucrative that shrines are now the target of these attacks. It is indeed the first time that great apes have been taken hostage and are the subject of a ransom demand, which raises fears of new attacks in other refuges and sanctuaries around the world.

This is because wildlife trafficking today is not sanctioned on a global scale, in a firm and coordinated way, commensurate with the crimes committed . Although chimpanzees are now endangered and protected by national and international laws, existing sanctions fall far short of stopping criminals .

The story of Monga, Hussein and César is not just a sad story, the happy ending of which we impatiently await, behind our screens. It is an unfair and abominable reality, which Franck and Roxane Chantereau (founders of JACK) and the team around them have been facing for six months now, waiting for information from the authorities, for a sign of life. transmitted by the kidnappers, and to find them. A deafening silence has settled, and yet we cannot give up.

They are three. Their names are Monga, Hussein and Caesar, and we must not forget them .

The entire Jane Goodall Institute France team and its community are mobilizing and uniting alongside Franck, Roxane and their JACK sanctuary, and giving them all their support in this terribly painful moment.

You too can take action by signing JACK's petition:

By making a donation (via the association "Les amis de JACK" in France) to help them continue the fight against the trafficking of chimpanzees and primates in the field, to save and take care of confiscated animals, and to reintroduce them in their natural environment.

To find out more about how to fight wildlife trafficking at your level, find the 4EverWild campaign on our website.

Source: Jane Goodall Institute

Posted on 2023-06-03 14:11

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