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Animal testing: is it useful?

Scientific and cosmetic tests in laboratories. | Posted on 2022-04-25 16:54

Across Europe, millions of animals are used each year in tests that frequently inflict pain and death, but rarely deliver on their primary promise of better health for humans. These include mice, fish, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs and monkeys. Yesterday, April 24 marked World Laboratory Animal Day; the opportunity to take part in an online action to show the EU that the time has come to create a cruelty-free Europe.

Animal testing is not only unethical but also scientifically unjustifiable

Just like us, animals feel pain and fear and they yearn to be free and safe, not to be locked up and suffer in a laboratory. Yet around 10 million animals are treated like disposable lab equipment and used in experiments in Europe each year, where they are frequently subjected to arduous and painful tests before being killed. In France, 1.64 million procedures were carried out on suffering animals in 2020.

Of these procedures, 14% were classified as severe, which means that animals undergoing these experiments experience severe suffering and the procedure can result in the animal's exhaustion or even death. For example, an experiment in which dogs were forced to run on a treadmill until they collapsed could be classified as severe. Other harsh experiments could involve pumping toxic substances directly into the stomachs of rats, until the rat dies, poisoned by the substance. In other words, unimaginable suffering is inflicted on innocent animals.

Photo: Cruelty Free International/SOKO Tierschutz

However, studies show that more than 90% of very promising basic scientific discoveries – the bulk of which involve experiments on animals – do not lead to treatments for humans. For some diseases such as HIV/AIDS or stroke, the failure rate of promising new drugs developed on animals is 100%. We desperately need a new way to develop and evaluate potentially life-saving treatments.

It is increasingly recognized that animals are rarely relevant models for the human body. Modern methods , including sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues ( in vitro methods), computer models (sometimes called in silico models), and clinical trials with human volunteers, are far more accurate and reliable.

YOU can help us show European decision-makers that people want an end to animal testing

PETA and other associations working for the defense of animals call for an end to animal experiments in Europe so that no animal suffers and dies in a laboratory. And we are not the only ones: 72% of EU adults want a plan to phase out animal testing in Europe.

But we can't end animal testing without everyone's support. That's why we invite you to take part in an online action to show European decision-makers that it's time to put an end to animal testing. Add your name to the citizens' initiative "Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics" now :


To force the European Commission to consider this European Citizens' Initiative and help the millions of animals that suffer and die every year, we need 1 million signatures . Also share this petition with your loved ones.

Alongside the tests carried out for scientific purposes, there are also the equally cruel and painful tests carried out in laboratories on animals on behalf of the cosmetics industry.

In this regard, Lordi joined PETA in condemning "monstrous" animal testing.

Heavy metal band Lordi, known for their elaborate monster costumes, has teamed up with PETA for a new campaign exposing something truly horrific: invasive and painful animal experiments are still being conducted in the EU without no plan is in place to end this suffering .

The group supports the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) “Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics” , launched by PETA entities as well as Dove, The Body Shop and more than 100 animal welfare organisations.

Together, let's call on the EU to maintain and strengthen the ban on animal testing for cosmetics and to establish a plan to end all animal testing.

“The European ban on cosmetic animal testing is under threat as the Helsinki-based European Chemicals Agency demands that thousands of animals be subjected to cruel testing. It goes against everything prohibition stands for, and it is up to each of us to save this important piece of legislation. The life of animals is worth more than a lipstick or a bottle of shampoo – only real monsters think otherwise. So, if you are a European citizen, join us by signing this European Citizens' Initiative .Lordi

Animals are ALWAYS used in tests in Europe

Although it has set a global precedent, the animal testing ban for cosmetics in the EU is unraveling. New and avoidable animal testing requirements have been introduced for cosmetic ingredients that have been used safely for years.

This means that in EU labs thousands of animals are STILL forced to inhale or ingest cosmetic ingredients and millions more can be drugged, poisoned or burned in all sorts of horrific experiments .

You have the power to end animal testing

Europe urgently needs a plan to end all animal testing. That's why PETA helped create the ECI, an official instrument for European citizens to have a say in the EU legislative process.

We must demand that the ban on cosmetics be maintained and strengthened to put an end to these tests. In addition, ICE is calling on authorities not to add new animal testing requirements for chemicals management and for the EU to commit to ending all animal testing.



Posted on 2022-04-25 16:54

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