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Shaka Ponk and PETA release a new music video to protest against bullfighting.

Shaka Ponk against Corrida. | Posted on 2024-06-20 15:07

After their performance in the Nîmes arenas a few days ago, Shaka Ponk joins PETA in this new clip to denounce the abominable torture of bulls which takes place in these same arenas, despite local pressure. Arenas should be a place of entertainment, not torture.

The video shows the group performing under the constraint of a conductor in a dark place with a heavy atmosphere. As the conductor moves between them, he turns out to be a matador, and the members of the group begin to bleed one after the other, in terror and incomprehension. They end up bloodied and lying on the sand, reminiscent of the bulls that bleed out and are stabbed to death in the arena. The video ends with images of real bullfights, filmed less than a month ago in Nîmes, in these same arenas.

bullfighting is a bloodbath

Taurus are sensitive individuals capable of feeling fear and pain. During a bullfight, several of them are tortured to death one after the other. Subjected to a senseless ordeal and with no escape, they are confused and terrified. Humans torment them, pursue them on horseback and plant pikes and banderillas in their backs and necks.

When the bull is too weakened by blood loss, the matador (“killer” in Spanish) attempts to finish it off. But it is not uncommon for animals to die drowning in their own blood when it misses its target and the sword pierces the lungs instead of the heart. Often, when it is the spinal cord that is affected, animals dragged with chains out of the arena are paralyzed but still conscious.

Let's abolish bullfighting

In France, bullfighting is illegal but decriminalized in certain municipalities, that is to say the law makes an exception and authorizes the torture of certain animals, bulls, if it takes place in an arena. According to the latest polls, 75% of French people are in favor of banning this cruel practice.

“We come to the Nîmes arenas to show that we can make this place a place of spectacle to celebrate life, and not death. During our concert we perform with joy, for love of the music and our audience, while the bulls who were massacred in turn in these arenas were forced there in terror and agony. You have to be pretty disconnected from reality not to see that one is entertainment, and the other is torture. » – Frah, singer of the group

Bullfighting is a true abomination and it is time for Nîmes and all the other so-called “bullfighting” cities to stop authorizing and supporting it. Take action by sending a message to cities that continue to perpetuate these atrocious practices:


Article written by : Marie J.

- PETA France

Posted on 2024-06-20 15:07

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