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Ecology: Are you in fashion? No longer a company without its environmental charter, no more a product without its eco-responsible promises, no more a speech coated with ecolo...

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Don't we need another hero? What if ecological speaking suffered from a lack, detrimental to the cause, of a minimum charismatic speaker? No need to be out of Harvard or...

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Global warming: the UN warns.

Threshold of 1.5 ° C. | Posted on 2021-05-29 16:05

What if 6 years after COP 21, the objectives set by the Paris Agreement had not been ambitious enough?

This is the question we can ask ourselves when reading the new report released on Thursday May 27, 2021 by the British Meterological Office for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The agency, which is a United Nations specialized agency responsible, among other things, for monitoring and meteorological measurements, indicates that the level of 1.5 ° C could well be crossed by 2025. More specifically, the report mentions that: "'The average annual global temperature is 40% likely to be temporarily 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial values for at least one of the next five years, and this probability increases over time."

Climate change is progressing well and with each passing year setting new heat records. 2020 was the hottest year on record; closely followed by 2016. These years have come close to the target set by the signatory countries of the Paris Agreement; namely to keep temperatures below 2 ° C for decades to come and preferably limit them to 1.5 ° C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Here is that this new report comes to shake things up and put a new blow of pressure on the shoulders of our leaders a few months of the COP 26 in Glasgow. The message is clear: we will have to do better and faster. That said, when we see the results of what has been done by industrial nations since 2015, it won't be very difficult to do better. And those who thought they still had a little time, the UN warns that it should not be counted. Petteri Taalas, head of the OMM, moreover recalled it perfectly: "it is 90% probable that at least one year between 2021 and 2025 will become the hottest ever recorded and thus dethrones 2016". overshoot was only temporary, "this study shows, with great scientific reliability, that we are measurably and inexorably approaching the lower limit of the Paris agreement."

This report is obviously bad news for everyone. But it at least has the merit of putting us face to face with reality. A race against time is on. The Earth shows us every day the manifestations of the climate emergency we face. We must stop global warming. So there are two things: either we do it quickly and well to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, or… ..

Posted on 2021-05-29 16:05

We find Madame Brigitte Gothière for the 2nd part of our interview.           I'm going to play devil's advocate for...

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Live debate

Presidential elections: is the issue of animal welfare in the program important?


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