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Starved, locked up, plucked A life of misery for breeding hens and roosters.

Sept. 2021: new report from L214. | Posted on 2021-09-16 15:22

L214 today unveils new investigative images shot in a farm of 7,000 hens and breeding roosters , in Ploërmel (Morbihan). The animals are in a miserable state, willfully starving, and doomed to produce eggs in the chain. These eggs are then sent to a hatchery specializing in the production of chicks for intensive broiler rearing.

This breeding will expand its activity in 2022. The extension of breeding has just been granted by the prefecture. More than 30,000 breeding hens and roosters will go through the same hell. Shameful! There is an urgent need to demand a moratorium on intensive farming.

These birds arrived in the farm at the age of 6 months, and they stay there for a year, without ever having access to the outside, crowded with 9 birds per m2 , in the dark most of the day. The images show very heavily plucked hens and roosters.

You can sign the petition without watching the video.

But the worst part is probably that they suffer from hunger every day of their sad existence . Why are they not being fed properly? So that they survive!

The merciless irony of intensive breeding: starving to survive!

The chickens are selected to grow very quickly : they reach 2 kg in 40 days, i.e. 4 times faster than in 1950 . This ultra-rapid growth of muscles is the cause of serious health problems: their skeletons can no longer support the weight of their bodies and their vital organs are compressed, causing heart and breathing difficulties, and even death.

At this rate, reaching 40 days is already difficult for chickens raised for meat. But the "breeders" must be kept alive for at least a year and a half : they are therefore fed with very small rations, only 20 to 50% of what they would eat if they had free access to food! These birds are chronically hungry, and constantly stressed and frustrated.

Projects to stop

To date, 7,000 hens and roosters are kept in this farm. The hens produce around 30,000 eggs per week, to feed the Josset hatchery, which produces more than a million chicks per week. Insane, isn't it?

And yet, this farm will be able to build a new building and reach 30,000 hens and roosters in 2022!

This extension project is an absurdity. But an absurdity unfortunately authorized by the prefect of Morbihan. L214 will file an appeal to contest this authorization.

It is urgent to obtain a moratorium on intensive breeding , immediately suspending new constructions and extensions. Sign our petition addressed to the Minister of Agriculture and Food, the Minister for the Ecological Transition and to parliamentarians. Every signature counts.

The urgency is to get out of intensive breeding, not to make it last, and even less to develop it!

The easiest way to avoid all this suffering for animals is to stop eating them. Register and / or invite your friends to the Veggie Challenge to discover 100% vegetable and easy cooking!

Posted on 2021-09-16 15:22

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