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Pierre Fabre ethical development.

Pierre Fabre | Posted on 2021-03-01 19:25

It was in 1951 that the story of Pierre Fabre began in the heart of Occitania, in Castres, when he bought a pharmacy in which he made his first medicine. Building on its success, the Laboratories were created in 1962. He launched his dermo-cosmetic brands because for him, skin and hair care required the same level of requirements as a drug. In 1974 the PF Laboratories acquired the Avène-les-Bains thermal spa, renowned for treating skin diseases. In 1979, an alliance was created between Pierre Fabre and the Shiseido brand, the leading player in the Japanese cosmetics market. In 1999, Pierre Fabre created his Foundation to improve access to medicines and quality care in developing countries. In 2003, the adventure with China began, carried by the Eau Thermale Avène brand. In 2010, creation of an innovation and cancer research center at the Oncopole site in Toulouse, France, created and inaugurated by Mayor Philippe Douste-Blazy and Pierre Fabre himself. In 2013, Pierre Fabre bequeathed his company to his Foundation. In 2015, signature of a partnership with an American biotech Array Biopharma which will lead to the marketing of a new treatment against a form of melanoma.

Pierre Fabre products are now present in 130 countries and count no less than 10 brands. The company has placed the challenges of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development (SD) at the heart of its development model since the origin of the group. Pierre Fabre obtains the best rating from the independent body ECOCERT and becomes the 1st international company assessed at this highest level of maturity in the ECOCERT 26000 standard.

The actions of the group and the Pierre Fabre Foundation contribute to 16 out of 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Avoid the use of solvents using active extraction technologies that respect the environment. Most of the active products come from organic plants grown near production plants.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint through eco-production in order to reduce the consumption of resources and energy by installing solar panels, biomass boilers powered by the residues of medicinal plants, etc.
  • Train and educate all of its employees on the importance of biodiversity by protecting bees. Several sites in the south of France host around fifty hives and more than 1 million bees.
  • Produce sunscreens with non-eco-toxic filters: without impact on coral, phytoplankton and zooplankton for a respected marine biodiversity; formulas devoid of silicones.
  • Carry out actions in partnership with Pur Projet to protect our oceans by restoring coral reefs, mangrove forests and recycling plastic waste.
  • Limit its impact on the environment by reducing its water consumption
  • Reduce its CO² emissions by optimizing, among other things, its deliveries.
  • Limit and Valorize waste.
  • Produce green electricity.
  • Being a partner and supporting projects like that of UNESCO Green Citizen, a digital platform that highlights innovative projects by citizens for the safeguard of our planet.
  • Plant trees and participate in the project labeled “Solidarity Reforestation” in order to offset their carbon footprint linked to the annual production of cancer drugs.
  • Help and maintain the development of flora and fauna on its sites in the South of France to make these lush green areas real refuges for birds.
  • Help restore wetlands by resuscitating an ecosystem by reintroducing plants and trees necessary for its development.

40% of the turnover of the company Pierre Fabre depends on the resources resulting from the valuation of the plant world. More than 240 plants are used in the group's products.

97% of the plants used by the group are supplied with no impact on the sustainability of resources.

90% of the plants extracted from their extraction plant are cultivated without chemical phytosanitary treatment.

1000 species are conserved in 2 botanical conservatories - at Soual in France and at Ronapiso in Madagascar. 300 endangered species are the subject of conservation fights in partnership with numerous French and international institutions.

In Soual, a herbarium in which around 9,000 plants are conserved and inventoried in the European Register of Collections of the European Commission.

For Pierre Fabre, nature and all forms of life are close to his heart. In 2004, Pierre Fabre announced to abandon animal experimentation for its formulations before the entry of the first legislation and to engage in the development of alternative methods of experimentation. However, on this precise point, the information diverges. That is why, it is advisable to remain cautious as to the veracity of this announcement.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its Dermo Cosmetic products, a team of experts is dedicated to developing models of reconstituted skin that are closest to cutaneous physiology, using three-dimensional cell cultures.

However, pharmaceutical active ingredients and nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients are derived from raw materials of plant origin (2,000 T / year) and of animal origin (4,000 T / year).

Posted on 2021-03-01 19:25

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