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Towards the end of the dog and cat trade in pet stores in France?

Law against animal abuse. | Posted on 2021-02-23 19:54

In October 2017, California passed the “Pet Rescue and Adoption Act”. Entered into force on January 1, 2019, this law aims to force pet stores to sell dogs, cats and rabbits only from shelters or non-profit organizations working for the protection of animals.

On April 6, 2020, it was the UK's turn to vote for “Lucy's law”. Anyone who wants to adopt a dog or a cat must now contact either an approved breeder or a shelter.

In January 2021, France follows suit. Indeed, the National Assembly has just passed the law prohibiting, initially, only the trade of dogs and cats in pet shops or garden centers for the benefit of shelters and approved breeders. This provision, which should come into force in 2024, is part of a broader bill tabled by the majority aimed at legislating against animal abuse.

Beyond the simple fact of ensuring their well-being, these laws intend to regulate the trade in domestic animals. Indeed, too often, they come from clandestine channels or very little controlled, which gives free rein to an increasing traffic. And it was clear that many pet stores have been supplied by this means. There are intensive breeding farms that "produce" animals living in deplorable conditions. They are, for the most part, taken from the mother far too early. Puppies and kittens are not weaned. They have not evolved in a framework conducive to their socialization and too often present defects due to poor breeding conditions. So many reasons that once the impulse purchase is made in the store, it will be abandoned.

The law must also put an end to non - professional breeding carried out by individuals who have seized the opportunity to supplement the end of the month and for whom it is also very difficult to control the breeding conditions. By this, it plans to restrict online commerce, via certain social networks - pending a total ban. Indeed, this practice encourages, even more, the commodification of animals and impulse purchases.

In the end, and this is the most important, the law aims to encourage people wishing to adopt a pet, to turn away from businesses to go to shelters in which there are so many waiting animals. a family. Not only does this approach enhance the work of volunteers from the various associations but also excludes animals from euthanasia because of their too large number; when we know that France holds the sad record for the greatest number of dropouts in Europe. In 2020 alone, it has grown by 16%.

Recognizing an animal as a sensitive being and prohibiting pet stores from selling it are great victories that call for others.

Posted on 2021-02-23 19:54

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