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Animal condition in France: finally a major advance!

Animal Condition Law in France. | Posted on 2021-10-22 10:41

The National Assembly had given rise to hope while the Senate aroused immense disappointment. With two opposing visions on the animal question it seemed difficult to find an agreement as we mentioned in our article from October 2, 2021.   Indeed, the Senate dominated by the right had largely watered down the text at the end of September, by wishing in particular to maintain wild animals in traveling circuses and dolphinariums.
However, gathered this morning Thursday, October 21 in a joint committee (CMP), deputies and senators managed to agree on a text that brings major advances that should lead to others.

For Christophe Marie, spokesperson for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation: “ This is a historic day in the fight that we have been waging for decades in favor of animals, France is partly catching up with the Member States of the EU. "

"We have just found an unexpected agreement on a historic text in favor of the animal condition in France" , welcomed on Twitter the deputy LREM Loïc Dombreval, co-author of this bill.

This new legal text will therefore have the following points:

- Sale of dogs and cats prohibited in pet stores

Tough negotiations between deputies in favor of banning the sale of animals, of all species, in pet shops and senators in favor of their maintenance. The CMP adopts a compromise on a ban on the sale of dogs and cats from 2024 in pet stores (immediate ban on animal display in the window), the possibility given to shelters to present animals for adoption.

- Reinforcement of penalties

Acts of cruelty will now be punished by 3 years' imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000 (against 2 years and € 30,000 currently), if the act resulted in the death of the animal, the penalty is increased to 5 years and a € 75,000 fine.

- Immediate end of mink farming

It was announced and this is confirmed today, the two chambers adopted an immediate ban on the breeding of mink and other non-domestic species raised specifically for their fur (the Minister of Ecology had announced a ban within 5 years, l The National Assembly within 2 years and the Senate an immediate ban, it is therefore the firmest position that has been adopted).

- End of wild animals in circuses

After tough negotiations on captive wild animals, the deputies and senators adopted a ban, under 2 years, for the reproduction of wild animals in circuses and the end of their exploitation within 7 years. A measure which may seem remote but which, in fact, makes it possible to organize the reception of animals under conditions which meet their needs.

- End of dolphin shows

This ban was the sticking point and we were able, thanks to the deputies reporting the text, to win our case to put an end to the exploitation of dolphins in France. The Senate wanted to remove the ban adopted by the National Assembly, finally reproduction will be prohibited and the exploitation of cetaceans in the basin prohibited within 5 years (shorter than the 7-year period initially adopted by the AN ). An exception is however provided for research programs which could be validated and approved by the Ministry of Ecology, however there is currently none and we are therefore of course on a ban on shows with dolphins in France.

- Organize the reception of animals

The recognition of shelters and sanctuaries that can accommodate wild animals (from circuses in particular but also from pools for marine sanctuaries) must meet new requirements: no interaction with the public, no profit-making or reproduction of the animals collected. ...

- Other advances

They are numerous but remember the ban on pony rides at fairs and private events, end of bear and wolf trainers under 2 years, ban on online sale of animals by individuals, encouragement to sterilize cats wanderers and legalization of their feeding, condemnation of zoopornography ...

The text must now be voted on on November 15 by the National Assembly and the Senate without modification.


Posted on 2021-10-22 10:41

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