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Legrand intends to be a champion of energy efficiency.

Legrand | Posted on 2021-02-24 10:38

Legrand is the world specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. The company was created in 1904. Today it has 39,000 employees worldwide. In 2019, its turnover amounted to 6.6 billion euros.

Today we have a new ambition that aims to achieve carbon neutrality. We are determined to remain a benchmark player in the advent of a low-carbon society, by drastically reducing the Group's carbon footprint, by involving our supply chain in this process and by continuing to develop and promote to our customers energy efficiency solutions for buildings. This is what Benoît Coquart, CEO of Legrand, declared in July 2020.

The group has undertaken an eco- responsible approach for many years now. Its benchmark objective was the European RoHS directive 2002/95 / CE (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) aimed at eliminating from its products all the substances concerned by this directive. The beginnings of this approach date back to 2004.

Legrand is moving forward at a rapid pace in order to minimize its carbon footprint. From product design to the end of their life, raw materials are carefully chosen and logistics are optimized. The Group also works to better treat the waste associated with its industrial activities, and monitors the results of its actions by measuring the rate of waste recovery.

In 2019, Legrand reported data illustrating its actions in favor of the environment in its manufacturing and marketing processes:

  • 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the marketing of energy efficiency solutions by legrand since 2014
  • 91% of industrial and logistics sites certified ISO 14001 at the end of 2019
  • 90% of waste recycled in 2019
  • 62% of turnover achieved with products with PEP (product environmental profile)
  • 7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the marketing of energy efficiency solutions by legrand since 2014
  • 91% of industrial and logistics sites certified ISO 14001 at the end of 2019


In addition to the carbon footprint linked to its activities, Legrand also intends to focus its efforts on its energy footprint. The group is increasing the number of innovations which make it possible to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of electricity by limiting power supply interruptions and optimizing energy efficiency .

2021 objectives:

  • 7% reduction in CO2 emissions linked to the Group's energy consumption (at constant scope)
  • 2.9 million tonnes of CO2 avoided over the year 2021 thanks to the use of energy efficiency solutions marketed

It is possible to follow the roadmap according to the following criteria:

  • Evaluate the group's carbon footprint
  • Reduce the energy intensity of the group's activities
  • Pursue initiatives to reduce energy intensity by innovating increasingly efficient solutions and systems
  • Reduction of emissions and carbon neutrality 2050
  • Educate the user
  • Inform customers of the environmental impact of products
  • Upgrading waste

The group has taken the full measure of the climate emergency. In July 2020, he announced that he wanted to accelerate his decarbonization trajectory validated in 2017 by the Science Based Targets initiative and decided to set the objective decreed by the Paris Agreement which recommends a global increase in temperatures to 1.5 ° C in -above pre-industrial levels and achieve carbon neutrality.

Legrand is committed to eliminating its net greenhouse gas emissions by 20501 across all of its activities.

To achieve this, the group recently announced in a report the following interim commitments:

  • “Accelerate actions to reduce its emissions in order to achieve in 2030 the objectives validated by the Sciences-Based Targets initiative . This goes through :
    • The 3% reduction per year on average in the energy consumption of its sites;
    • The deployment of its high energy efficiency solutions on its sites;
    • The use of renewable energies through the production or purchase of green energies;
    • The evolution of its vehicle fleet towards hybrid or electric vehicles;
    • Support for its supply chain towards reducing CO2 emissions.
  • In addition to the above actions, participate in voluntary carbon offset projects, up to the level of residual emissions from operational activities and employee travel2, to achieve neutrality in these areas by 2022 and thus contribute in the very short term to the global issue of reducing CO2 emissions. "

Posted on 2021-02-24 10:38

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