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L214: Burger King is the King of Cruelty.

L214 against Burger King. | Posted on 2021-10-16 17:59

L214, the French association long committed to the defense of animals, which has become famous for these shocking surveys and reports, is launching a new message. This time, L214 launches an alert concerning the fast food chain, Burger King. According to L214, Burger King is not considering animal welfare in its supplies. L214 also accuses the chain of not yet having banned, like its competitors, too cruel breeding and slaughtering practices.

“Satirical video, actions in front of Burger King restaurants and in front of its Paris headquarters, online petition: today we are launching a large-scale campaign to denounce the cruelty of chicken farms supplying Burger King , a fast-food giant. Help us convince him to change his practices!

We call on Burger King to ban the worst practices of raising and slaughtering chickens and including a minimum share of free range farming in its supplies.

To present oneself as the “king of the burger” and to try with a lot of advertising to give oneself a modern and qualitative image is not enough. We are not fooled: Burger King is above all the “King of Cruelty” towards chickens . And it must stop!

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Legitimate and minimal demands

Fewer birds on farms, chickens that grow up more slowly to suffer less, natural light, perches, no longer being hung up still consciously in the slaughterhouse: these measures from the European Chicken Commitment, supported by around thirty European associations, are the bare minimum that Burger King must commit to . Now.

Its competitors KFC, Subway, and many restaurant players have already made this commitment. Burger King does not care and continues to source from the worst intensive farms! Do you want to change things? It's this way !

Street actions in front of Burger King

Online mobilization is crucial, but just as much is being physically present on the ground. This Friday morning, we gathered in front of the Parisian headquarters of Burger King , and tomorrow, hundreds of volunteers will gather in front of restaurants in about thirty cities to inform customers and passers-by about the cruel practices of the sign.

The more the video is viewed and shared, the more the petition will be signed, the more consumers will be alerted to unacceptable Burger King practices, and the sooner we will get a response from its management. We count on you !

Posted on 2021-10-16 17:59

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