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Synopia: the new management and governance tool for companies.

Synopia Index. | Posted on 2021-03-26 16:05

This Wednesday, March 24, Alexandre Malafaye, president of the independent French think tank Synopia, launched a new rating label: the Synopia Index of Responsible Company Performance.

In the jungle of mostly North American rating indices, a newcomer is emerging: the Synopia index. A real performance indicator, it will be offered to French companies. Its purpose is to support the business manager in his decision-making by providing precise information on his ecosystem.

In a context of fierce competition and strong connection, Alexandre Malafaye, decided to provide managers with a new management and governance tool that takes into account the multiple responsibilities of a company towards its various stakeholders. . This index will be made up of 24 simple and reliable indicators bringing together the evaluation of the performance of managers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, populations affected by the activity, customers, among others.

We already knew evaluation tools in purchasing, marketing or the financial markets, but this is presented as a summary of all the indices. Unlike a CSR, the Synopia measures in a concrete way and is established over a period of three years in order to assess the relevance of the results on an appropriate time scale.

This index offers a double advantage. First of all, it highlights the areas of progress that the manager can develop to improve his performance and that of his company, but he can also highlight the results obtained by this analysis to establish a bond of trust with his partners. This quality label will offer managers a real guarantee of seriousness and performance.

Depending on the sectors you want to focus on, it is possible to overweight a particular index. A company, for example, whose main activity is emitting significant amounts of carbon, will seek, using appropriate indicators, the best way to adopt a more efficient carbon-free strategy.

“Universal, independent and easy to use, the Synopia Index is designed to help companies transform by reconciling economic performance with social and societal responsibilities,” says Alexandre Malafaye. “This is a revolution in the aims of capitalism, and the period of crisis we are going through is accelerating changes and placing companies at a pivotal period in history. Under the effect of the changes underway, only the most ethical will survive, ”he adds. "Moreover, since the American influence is clearly being felt in the field of CSR and ESG standards, it is necessary to have tools designed in Europe and in the service of the values of our Continent".

In addition to the economic, financial, social and societal areas that the Synopia index will be able to measure, we will retain the environmental dimension of the label. The index is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN and should allow entrepreneurs to stay on course towards a business with a positive impact.

Posted on 2021-03-26 16:05

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