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Heavy fires are striking many states in the western United States.

Fires in the western United States. | Posted on 2021-07-13 17:26

More than 50 large fires are burning in 10 states in the western United States.

Fifty-two large fires are currently burning 748,987 acres in the western United States, many of which continue to spread. The number of fires that have burned nationwide this time of year is the largest in a decade, with more than 33,000 fires burning over 1.9 million acres by July 12 , according to the National Interagency Fire Center. The fires have forced evacuations in many areas amid a deadly heat wave and severe drought. Burning houses could be seen, but the total losses were still being counted. We're off to a daunting start ,” said Max Moritz, a wildfire expert at the University of California Cooperative Extension in Santa Barbara. “The drought is much earlier and more severe and we are seeing more fires much earlier than usual. "

California wildfires overtake the historic 2020 season.

More than a dozen fires are burning in parts of the state, ranging from a few acres to nearly 90,000. The largest this year in the state, the Beckwourth complex covered 89,748 acres on the northern border of California with Nevada. Plumas National Forest officials said firefighters managed to contain nearly a quarter of the blaze, but still expected extreme activity. Evacuation orders were in effect for more than 3,000 residents. The number of wildfires in the Golden State so far exceeds the averages and even the historic fire season of last year. Between January 1 and July 4, 4,599 fires burned 114.8 square miles in California. During the same period last year, 3,847 fires devastated 48.6 square miles. The California wildfires have a "frightening start" already surpassing the historic 2020 season.

Oregon and its mega-fires.

The first mega blaze of Oregon's 2021 fire season is now mapped to 153,535 acres. The Bootleg Fire, which burns on the state border with California, threatens approximately 1,200 structures and is 0% contained. 12 other fires are burning statewide, including the Grandview Fire at 4,000 acres and the Jack Fire at 10,937. All of these fires do not compete with the largest blaze in state history, the silverton fire from 1865 to over 900,000 acres. But Oregon is familiar with what are called megafires - fires that burn more than 100,000 acres. The average area burned in the Oregon fires since 2012 is around 650,000, and five mega fires broke out in the state last year.

In Washington, an expert warns against possible "catastrophic" events.

In Washington, the Batterman Road fire consumed more than 14,000 acres and 55,000 acres were burned by the Asotin complex fire. Washington is no stranger to wildfires either, with more than 800,000 acres burned in 2020. Experts say this year could be much worse. “It doesn't take much for us to have a major catastrophic event,” Vaugn Cork, fuel analyst at the Department of Natural Resources, told KREM-TV. “It could be catastrophic. "To date in 2021, there were 630 forest fires, almost double the ten year average in the state, according to statistics from DNR.

High temperatures and forest fires in Montana.

At least 10 major wildfires continued to burn across Montana on Monday. Despite the extreme number, 2017 is still the No. 1 in terms of acres burned to this day, and possibly the largest in over 100 years. That's the highest number since 1910, when the Great Fire burned about 3 million acres in northeast Washington state, northern Idaho, and western Montana. But the current level of forest fire preparedness in the state is the highest on record at the start of the season, according to CBS-6. "The worst is yet to come": a dire future awaits millions of people around the world due to climate change, " warns a report

Wildfires expected in Idaho.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little declared a wildfire emergency on Friday and mobilized the State National Guard to help fight the fires started after thunderstorms swept through the drought-stricken region. Two major wildfires are burning in the region where Idaho, Oregon and Washington State meet, including the Dry Gulch Fire that burned 55,000 acres and the Snake River Complex at 54,000 acres. Jared Jablonski, a spokesperson for the Boise District Bureau of Land Management, told KREM-TV he wouldn't be surprised to see more fires in 2021, up from 944 last year.

What is behind the Arizona wildfires?

Several fires ravaged Arizona due to an exceptionally dry season. There are already 2 victims in the state so far. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and other fire officials warned in mid-March of the likelihood of severe wildfires in 2021, saying this season is expected to be similar to this year. last - one of Arizona's worst wildfire seasons in a decade due to continued drought, lack of rain and overgrowth.

Forest fires also in British Columbia.

Across the province of Canada, firefighters are battling a historic 300,000 fires, started in large part by excessive heat that claimed the lives of more than 700 people there, according to CBC.

Source: USA Today.

Posted on 2021-07-13 17:26

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