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Millions of birds buried in a motorway construction site in France.

Avian flu in France. | Posted on 2022-04-28 17:17

An unprecedented bird flu epidemic affects France, and thousands of chicken, hen, duck and turkey farms are "depopulated" . Understand: hundreds of thousands of animals are killed on the spot, in livestock buildings. And often sordidly.

L214 is now broadcasting unpublished images filmed with a drone: they show the burial of millions of chickens in a pit requisitioned by the State on a motorway construction site near Petosse, in Vendée.

We see heaps of dead birds spread out with a shovel and covered with lime dispersed by a kind of snow cannon.

More than 20 million birds killed by asphyxiation

There are different methods to mass kill these birds:

• by asphyxiation with carbon dioxide, directly injected into the livestock building or into boxes. This gas is aversive for birds: it can be irritating and cause convulsions even before loss of consciousness.

• by slow asphyxiation by stopping the ventilation of the buildings. The concentration of animals in these farms is such that by cutting off the ventilation, the animals end up dying. Breeders are nevertheless sometimes “forced to finish with shovels”.

In any case, a cruel and painful death for these birds. The situation is outrageous and out of control!

A situation out of control

The magnitude of the disaster is such that the State is overwhelmed by a quantity of corpses.

The carcasses of the birds can stay for days in the farms before being removed. Farmers sometimes have to organize themselves to evacuate them. They are asked to bury the chickens by digging pits near their farms. Temporary storage centers were created to deal with the situation, and the State went so far as to requisition landfill sites, such as that of Petosse.

How far will the horror go? Share this investigative video to bust this scandal!

Our public health in danger

According to the Institut Pasteur, "while most avian viruses do not infect humans, certain subtypes sometimes manage to cross the species barrier: this is the case of the H5N1 virus, pathogenic for humans [...]. At present, the health authorities fear an evolution of the virus towards a form transmissible from man to man, opening the door to a pandemic. In the current epidemic, the H5N1 subtype is more than 95% predominant... Whoops!

The danger is accentuated by the current human influenza epidemic: a viral subtype could be created between an avian virus and a human influenza virus. This is how the Spanish flu was born, which caused 20 to 50 million deaths at the time, according to the Pasteur Institute. How to tremble!

Intensive farming, an aggravating factor

Intensive farms and their proximity promote the spread of the virus. Given the high density of animals and the absence of genetic diversity, the virus, once introduced into a farm, spreads at high speed, inside and outside, via ventilation. In areas with a high density of livestock such as the Vendée or Deux-Sèvres, the outbreaks can thus spread step by step.

Exit from intensive farming is crucial. For the animals, and for us. Spread the message !

Posted on 2022-04-28 17:17

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