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History: the routine cutting of piglet tails in France finally condemned

Pig farms in France. | Posted on 2022-04-15 10:20

For the very first time, justice has just condemned the systematic cutting of pigs' tails! This practice has been banned for nearly 20 years. France was even condemned by the European Commission in 2020 for these mutilations. However, they continue to be practiced almost systematically in pig farms.

At the origin of the trial, an L214 investigation

Flashback. In December 2020 and February 2021, L214 broadcast images from a pig farm supplying Herta. A breeding put forward by the brand to illustrate its "Preference sector", supposed to treat the animals better. But the reality is quite different: hundreds of sows locked in cages barely larger than their bodies, piglets born and sometimes dying in an environment of metal and concrete, mutilated and injured pigs.

Among these mutilations, tail docking. This practice consists of cutting the piglets' tails raw, without anesthesia. It is supposed to limit tail biting, a behavioral disorder attributable to breeding conditions. Out of boredom, stress and frustration, the animals turn to the only "thing" available in their bare enclosures: they bite the tails of other pigs. But cutting tails is neither legal nor acceptable! We filed a complaint for animal abuse.

If the pigs had materials allowing research and manipulation activities (straw, hay, wood, sawdust, etc.), as also required by the regulations, they would not be reduced to biting each other.

€50,000 fine, and a clear message

The Moulins Criminal Court sentenced the farm to a fine of €50,000, including €25,000 suspended. This condemnation marks a real turning point! An offense tolerated for 20 years, with the complacency of the State services, is finally condemned.

The message sent by justice is clear: the regulations concerning the conditions of animal breeding cannot be negotiated. It must apply to all farms, whether they like it or not, and the State is required to enforce it.

In France, 95% of pigs are locked in buildings without access to the outside. And almost all of these pigs have their tails cut off. Hence the crucial importance of this judgment!

This decision is historic, but it is on hold. The breeder decided to appeal. In particular, we are counting on your support and on the talents of our lawyer in this legal battle to confirm this decision. We hope that it will set a precedent in the future and that thousands of piglets will no longer suffer this painful live mutilation.

Posted on 2022-04-15 10:20

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