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Don't buy – adopt your pets from shelters.

Puppy farms in Indonesia. | Posted on 2023-03-21 17:12

What PETA Asia investigators found at five puppy farms in Indonesia should be enough to convince anyone to ever again support the abuse-based, profit-making "pet" trade. Look at the pictures, and note that everything you are about to see is completely legal .

Caged dogs suffering from psychological distress

Investigators visited puppy farms that send dogs to many parts of Indonesia, including pet shops in the capital, Jakarta.

In the five establishments visited by the investigators, the dogs were locked up in dilapidated, dirty, and terribly small cages. They were usually only able to stand and lie on the dirt floor, on crumbling wood, on concrete, or on painful wire mesh that can cut into their fragile pads. Crate walls were usually made of bars or wire, and many dogs had nothing above their heads to protect them from the elements. Some wire cages were stacked on top of each other, others were covered with tarps, reducing the animals' universe to a dark, isolated and solitary square meter.

Investigators filmed three dogs crammed into a cage the width of a dresser. The animals climbed the walls and barked in vain. Another dog was pacing in his metal and concrete cell, a sign of psychological distress. Many dogs were crying and whining.

“The dogs in this establishment are constantly pacing, barking and jumping up and down walls. These are abnormal and stereotypical behaviors caused by physical and psychological frustration, anxiety and deprivation. – Dr. Ingrid Taylor, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The dog enclosures, even their bowls, were often covered with excrement. In facilities where breeders cleaned cages, they didn't bother to bring the dogs out first and left them standing and lying in puddles. According to Dr. Ingrid Taylor, a veterinary expert who viewed the footage, “This unsanitary environment not only causes suffering and health risks for dogs, but also poses a public health risk, many forms of bacteria and parasites that spread between dogs that can also affect humans. »

Dogs without water or food, walking with difficulty, frightened and abused

Animals had no or limited access to water and food. Some drank the water straight from the ground when their cages were cleaned. At least one husky's hind legs appeared to be invalid, making every step difficult.

At one facility, a Rottweiler backed up and cowered when a breeder raised his hand; this is a likely indicator of prior abuse. The breeder then dragged the dog out of its crate and across the property pulling it by the front legs.

Immobilized and pushed to reproduce

At one facility, the investigator observed two breeders restraining a female pug, then placing a male on top of her and holding them there until they mated. These dogs, a notorious difficult-breathing breed, will likely give birth to many litters of puppies selected for having misshapen, flattened faces and airways that make it difficult to play, run, walk, and even breathe.

Don't buy – adopt from shelters

No matter the country, buying a "purebred" dog or cat online, from a breeder, or from a pet store not only funds cruelty, but also robs an animal waiting in a shelter of its chance to find a home. Please adopt your pets, don't buy them.

Source : PETA France.

Photos : Courtesy of PETA France

Posted on 2023-03-21 17:12

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