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Marshall BioResources breeds dogs for painful experiments in Gannat, France.

Breeding of Beagles. | Posted on 2022-01-28 10:32

Behind high fences with barbed wire and a CCTV system hides a site, inaccessible to the public, in which beagles are bred to be sold as "laboratory equipment" for cruel experiments. L214 was able to obtain rare footage of this MBR breeding facility, showing moaning beagles in small pens with concrete floors, waiting to be stuffed into small metal crates and transported to labs in across the country who will perform painful experiments on "man's best friend".

Dogs bred as “laboratory material”

This is happening in Gannat in the Allier, here in France. MBR Farms is a factory farm where an estimated 250 female dogs are locked up and forced to spend their entire lives as puppy-producing machines, producing an alleged 1,000-2,000 puppies for experimentation each year.

Puppies bred for this purpose will be taken from their mothers and sold at around 16 weeks of age. They will be carelessly piled into crates and transported to laboratories, where they will be forced to inhale pesticides, fed toxic chemicals or deliberately subjected to heart attacks – before being killed and cut up.

L214 | CC BY 3.0

Dog Experiments Are More Common Than You Think

The beagles on this factory farm are no different from the playful, intelligent and affectionate dogs we welcome into our families. Yet figures from the Department for Higher Education and Research show that dogs were used in a disturbing 4,898 procedures in 2019. Unfortunately, it is precisely their docility and friendliness that makes them popular as “ laboratory animals” – making it easier to perform gruesome procedures on them.

Many of these gruesome tests involve force-feeding or forcing dogs to inhale substances for weeks, months, or even over a year to measure the effects of repeated exposure on the liver, kidneys, lungs , heart and nervous system.

L214 | CC BY 3.0

There are non-animal and human-friendly test methods

Unlike torturing dogs, human-friendly approaches , such as human cell cultures, computer simulations, and organ-on-chips, provide insights into human diseases, accelerate drug development, and to benefit humans and animals alike.

Help end these unacceptable animal experiments

PETA entities have shut down animal testing labs, cut taxpayer subsidies, and prosecuted experimenters in the United States, but in France the government ignores studies that show the psychological and physical needs of dogs fall by the wayside when treated like simple test tubes with legs.

Here are three ways to help animals who are going through horrific experiences:

  1. Sign the European Citizens ' Initiative to help end all animal testing.
  2. Sign our petition to show your support for PETA's Research Modernization Deal, a strategy to modernize science and end animal testing
  3. Sign our petition asking the Telethon to stop funding cruel and ineffective experiments on dogs

Activists meet the second weekend of every month (Fri-Sun) to take a stand against MBR Farms. Join Animal1st and Camp Beagle Gannat at MBR Farms, 15 ave. Occitan doors, Gannat 03800, and denounce this monstrous cruelty.

Posted on 2022-01-28 10:32

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