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We know that recycling cans and taking shorter showers are not enough. On the occasion of Earth Day this April 22, PETA recalls that the last alarming IPCC report calls for a dr...

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Fight the climate crisis by eating vegan.

We know that recycling cans and taking shorter showers are not enough. On the occasion of Earth Day this April 22, PETA recalls that the last alarming IPCC report calls for a drastic reduction in our global meat consumption in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. A vegan lifestyle is indeed one of the most effective and simplest solutions in this fight, and also makes it possible to act on water pollution, deforestation, soil erosion and all the other harmful consequences. of breeding. So you can't call yourself an ecologist while eating meat.

Fight the climate crisis by eating vegan…

A new study by scientists from the University of California and Stanford has shown that if the whole world went vegan, CO2 emissions would drop by 68% (47% from beef and 24% from dairy). A study by scientists at the University of Oxford has concluded that consumption of beef, lamb and pork must drop by 90% in order to meet the Paris agreement on global warming, i.e. mean keeping warming below 2°C by 2050, and that's why the United Nations is calling for a global shift to a vegan diet.

Livestock farming is indeed one of the main contributors to the aggravation of the climate crisis: on a global scale, it is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the transport sector as a whole. This industry also causes deforestation, pollution and soil erosion and exploits in immense quantities our precious water resources and arable land, not to mention the fact that it exacerbates food inequalities and hunger in the world.

You simply cannot call yourself an environmentalist or climate conscious while continuing to eat meat. One of the most significant choices we can make to protect the environment therefore concerns what (or those in whom ) we decide to plant our fork. Each of us can, right now and without waiting for any action on the part of our elected officials, act for the good of the planet and its inhabitants by adopting a vegan diet, and what better day to do this than the Day of the Earth ?

… and prevent the daily suffering and death of other earthlings

The meat industry is responsible for the relentless cruelty to which cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and other animals suffer every minute of their short lives – as well as their frightening and inevitable killings. In France alone, 3 million animals are slaughtered per day. These are often young animals, 80% of which come from intensive farms, in which they never see the light of day and live locked up in conditions of promiscuity and dirt.

These figures do not even take fish and other aquatic animals into account . When they do not come from repugnant farms, they are torn from their natural environment and killed in slow and painful ways: they are crushed in nets, impaled on hooks or even brought up on the decks of fishing boats where they suffocate. slowly or are disembowelled while still conscious.

Take action

The consumption of meat and other products derived from animal exploitation is as harmful as it is unjustifiable. Each citizen can act at their level for the climate on a daily basis, simply by leaving animals off their plate.



Posted on 2022-04-25 17:14

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