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The price of charcuterie.

Deli | Posted on 2023-01-24 16:26

Dying piglets, corpses lying on the ground, empty drinking troughs, mutilations, sows in cages… This is what is hidden behind the walls of this intensive breeding farm in Côtes-d'Armor supplying the Le Cochon de Bretagne brand.

The Cochon de Bretagne slogan boasts of well-bred and well-bred animals. What cynicism when you see this breeding! The sows are locked up for half their life in individual cages, in which they cannot even turn around. They give birth to their young and feed them there, hampered by bars. Some are injured and left untreated.

The piglets are systematically mutilated : castrated, cut tail and ground teeth. The pigs are crowded into buildings with no access to the outside. They live on a floor of concrete or perforated plastic, deprived of litter and the slightest enrichment.


These new images remind us that it is urgent to put an end to the worst practices of pig farming. Ask the brand Le Cochon de Bretagne to put an end to it!

I sign the petition

Beyond this investigation, a large-scale campaign

The images of this breeding show:

  • animal neglect,
  • non-compliance with regulations,
  • the standard breeding conditions for pigs in France.

These conditions are incompatible with their behavioral needs and generate stress and significant suffering.

95% of the 24 million pigs slaughtered each year in France are raised in intensive farms.

L214 is launching a new campaign to convince food companies to respect the criteria of the Pig Minimum Standards . This reference, supported by several associations, makes it possible to greatly reduce the suffering of pigs: end of mutilations and cages, fewer animals per square meter, more enrichment and open air...

Large retailers, restaurant chains, cooperatives: we must obtain from all companies that market pigmeat a commitment to respect the criteria of the Pig Minimum Standards by 2030. And to get there, we need you!

I act for the pigs

Companies, an essential lever

Changing consumption habits is important, and it is a very effective gesture on an individual level. Companies, on the other hand, can reduce the suffering of pigs on a very large scale.

This new campaign is therefore essential for the animals. It is by calling on companies that we have obtained a drastic drop in the number of hens raised in batteries (80% of hens in cages in 2008, at the start of our actions, compared to 33% in 2021).

It is therefore not just an investigation, nor a simple petition. This is to send a firm and clear message to companies , starting with Le Cochon de Bretagne. You, we, like 80% of French men and women, no longer want these intensive systems. Say it loud and clear !

Source : L214

Support L214

Posted on 2023-01-24 16:26

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