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Animal Law Press Agency

ANDA | Posted on 2021-07-03 11:42

Sylvana ANDRADE, is the founder and president of the most important press agency in the world on Animal rights created in 2008 in Brazil.

With a career as a journalist for 36 years in the Brazilian press, she is also at the initiative of the bill 337/2006 which authorizes the executive power to create public veterinary hospitals in the State of Sao Paulo.
She is also a founding member of the Vegan Society in Brazil.

In nearly ten years of activity, in its daily commitment to information and animals, Anda has placed animal rights at the center of the media, inaugurating animal journalism as a category in the Brazilian press. With its partners, its professionalism, its seriousness and its courage, ANDA has been able to highlight a new vision of the world which recognizes the inherent value of non-human life, in particular that of animals. Journalists don't just report facts, they take initiatives and at the heart of the news, they take legal action, social and cultural events.

Thanks to ANDA's performance, Big Brazilian Media reports daily awareness of and respect for the protection of animals and their rights. Thanks to the action of journalists, public institutions have adopted programs and projects that meet the needs of animal welfare. Many companies have changed their internal policies in their approach to animals.

The result: the abolition of exploitation and cruelty to animals.

Their subjects have inspired the creation of bills in all instances of the Brazilian legislative power:

- thanks to reports published by ANDA, people who had committed crimes against animals were arrested and sentenced.

Reports are also published on situations that have turned out very well for the animals. Like the story of Black, the chimpanzee, freed after 50 years of living behind the bars of a Zoo; or that of Bambi, the elephant imprisoned in a Zoo, who now lives in an elephant sanctuary; or the creation of a nursery for right whales prohibited to tourists.

ANDA's work also has a very important educational function through their articles, interviews and reports.

Their foundation: ethics and commitment

Their motto: "Inform to transform".

Their goals:

  • Make the whole of society aware of the need to recognize and respect the rights of nature.
  • Respect and preserve everything on the planet.
  • Denounce all forms of exploitation,
  • Educate society to adopt a positive attitude towards vulnerable people
  • Fight fake news by verifying every piece of information,
  • Help build a more empathetic, more interactive and more human reality through daily news in order to improve our relationship with animals and the planet,

By publishing information, videos at the heart of the action and by inserting animals into the daily reality of journalism, ANDA has contributed to society its contribution to the perception and relevance of ethical values that are little or never put into effect. question. The latter being assimilated until then in a superficial way and legitimized by outdated traditions and economic interests.

The information and actions that this daily leads give its readers the awareness that we inhabit a networked world, in which all beings are interdependent and interconnected, where any action, positive or negative, will affect a life.

On February 28, 2011, ANDA won the “Shining World Compassion” Award from the famous Supreme Master Ching Hai in recognition of their work for peace on the planet and the vision of a more just and sustainable world. Master Ching Hai, Vietnamese humanitarian leader recognized around the world for his work on behalf of people, animals and the planet, declared the award:

“For his brilliant achievements, for the dedication and altruism of its members and collaborators, as well as for the denunciations of reality and the injustices done to animals. But also, for their commitment, their courage, their volunteerism, intelligence, nobility, for the altruism and the purity of their initiatives and for all the help they bring to animals in need. For their kindness in everything they do, we applaud and celebrate ANDA's acts of compassion ”,

Posted on 2021-07-03 11:42

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