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Air Liquide sustainable solutions.

Air Liquide | Posted on 2021-02-23 09:06

Air Liquide was created in 1902 by Georges Claude and Paul Delorme. This company specializes in industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen as well as technologies and services for industry and health. In 2019, the group employed around 67,000 people. It achieved 21.9 billion euros in sales and operates in 80 countries. Its fields of activity are as follows:

- aeronautics,

- food,

- the automobile,

- craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and individuals,

- the drinks,

- construction

- chemistry,

- metal fabrication,

- metallurgy,

- the pharmaceutical industry and biotech,

- research and analysis,

- glass.

With such varied fields of activity, how does Air Liquide work in favor of the environment? How can it help reduce the impact of its clients' activity on the environment while respecting regulations?

Air Liquide has several strings to its bow in order to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities. First of all, there is its scientific and technical expertise. Indeed, its great knowledge of gases and the perfect mastery of its uses give the group solid assets allowing it to carry out its activities in an eco-responsible manner. The group works with its customers around the world to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this help and advice, it helps its customers to improve the performance and efficiency of gas use. It also makes it possible to limit direct emissions and also helps capture CO2 on the production site, so that it is not released into the atmosphere. This CO2 can even then be used by other customers.

Air Liquide also acts by innovating. New solutions for recycling and recovering solid waste, innovative processes for treating metals, drinking water, cooling or wastewater, all of which are solutions that the Group can offer its customers in order to face current environmental challenges and to come up.

In addition to this, Air Liquide maintains close ties with its customers. The objective is to put in place low carbon solutions thanks to a sustainable industry. Outsourcing production can be a good example, as the Group explains: “When customers in the same industrial area entrust us with their gas production, this allows us to pool production assets and generate a reduction of 15 20% of energy consumption, and therefore of CO2 emissions. The development of subcontracting therefore has a positive impact on the planet, even if it means that Air Liquide must take on more emissions.

Other solutions aim to reduce transport-related emissions, for example by installing production units directly at customers' premises. "

In the end, the group is mobilizing in all its sectors to reduce its impact on the environment. For many years, it has not ceased to develop new reliable technologies in all its processes in order to optimize its energy and environmental transition. After setting out the major constraints that the group must face, such as global warming, rising environmental concerns, constraints linked to the availability of natural and energy resources, Air Liquide has clearly defined its lines of action for the years. to come up :

  • "Offer more energy efficient solutions to help customers improve their competitiveness and reduce their environmental footprint
  • Implement these solutions within the Group's activities in order to achieve efficiency gains
  • Develop clean transport solutions that help reduce the environmental footprint ”

Posted on 2021-02-23 09:06

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